Eating healthily

Being responsible for what you eat isn't as complicated as it seems. Knowing what to choose and if you do some of the cooking at home, the following guidelines may give you some ideas. It suggests you:
• Eat less fat, particularly saturated fat
• Trim fat off meat and buy leaner cuts
• Grill, boil or bake rather than fry
• When frying use vegetable oil
• Use low fat spreads, polyunsaturated margarine and lower fat milk (which contains as much protein and calcium as full fat milk)
• Watch out for hidden fats in biscuits, cakes, snacks and other processed foods
• Eat more fibre
• Try more wholegrain products
• Eat more fruit and vegetables: at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruit per day, and of different colours because they bring different vitamins and minerals!
• Use more beans and pulses
• Add less sugar to food and drink: learn to drink your tea or coffee with little sugar
• Choose lower-sugar drinks
• Limit the amount of chocolate, sweets, cereal bars and other sweet foods you eat
• Try to avoid adding salt to your food, at the table or when cooking and choose less salty snack food.
• Use herbs and spices to add flavour.

How to spot DODGY food:

"Chips are DODGY, BUT potatoes are good for you so try jacket potatoes with beans or cottage cheese instead. Or mix mash with some mustard or horseradish which is really spicy.
Fish fingers are ok BUT if they're fried they're pretty DODGY. Grilled fish fingers or fish in sauce is a good alternative and fish is definitely COOL.
Burgers are DODGY there's no way round it BUT a chicken fillet bap (no skin) is better than fried chicken or chicken which is coated. If burgers (veggie or meat) are grilled not fried then they can be good for protein but most of the time they're not likely to be very healthy.
Eggs are good for you BUT if they're fried they are definitely DODGIER than poached which taste just as good. You can make a mean omelette with the right ingredients too!
Ever seen a low fat mighty meaty feast pizza!? Exactly - DODGY. BUT they don't have to be bad - a margarita topped with fresh vegetables can actually be quite healthy. It all depends on what's on top.
There's no way round it, crisps and sweets are well DODGY. BUT if you eat a healthy diet your body will be able to cope with the occasional packet of crisps or chocolate. For craving sweets try yoghurt or fruit such as bananas, pears or raisins. Take a bagel to eat at break time or some low salt pretzels they're much better than crisps. Or if you have a favourite cereal which is not too sugary why not take a bag of it with you to school to eat when you get peckish. Sticks of cheese are tasty and good to nibble on as well.
Fizzy drinks are seriously DODGY. They've got shedloads of sugar and can really rot your teeth. There are loads of other things you can drink like orange juice and other fruit juices, flavoured water, smoothies, milk, cordial. Water's the best thirst quencher around and WOAH no calories!
You know you gotta eat them BUT if you don't like vegetables try eating them first get them out of the way and then you can enjoy what you really like.
Look out for rivers of oil on your food - NIIICE! That's one sure way of telling if it's pretty bad for you. The good thing about starting to eat healthily is after a while your body starts to like the healthy food you are putting in it and you can be less likely to suffer from cravings for DODGY food like sweets and chips."

So take care of what is on your plate and good appetite!