We mention indicatively our actions from 2000 to 2012:

  • Project for the Collection of folklore artefacts in Prespa in the framework of the EU Support Programme to CSOs (Ministry of Labor)
  • Biotourism’ project in the framework of Interreg IV (Greece-Albania
  • Organisation of the 9th International Youth Exchange in September 2012 with the title ‘Youth act against Poverty’
  • Establishment and operation of a multiplex centre in Lemos that works as a lending library with free use of computers and wireless internet (WIFI),  as well as an information point for visitors and tourists with rich audiovisual and printed material. It also hosts workshops and actions of non-typical education, organises events, meetings, seminars and films in cooperation with the Municipality of Prespa (2011)
  • Implementation of a series of actions for the touristic development in regional and transboundary level from 2007 until today (promotion of the area through websites and printed material, training of women on entrepreneurship issues in FYROM, set-up of the TRANSNATURA cooperation, implementation of mountain biking race, etc.) in the context of programmes such as Interreg IIIC, EastWest Institute, GTZ, YDAS,
  • Implementation of 8 annual International Youth Meetings with the participation of over 350 youths from 25 European countries (2003-2012) in the contex of the Youth in Action Programme
  • Hosting of more than 70 long-term volunteers (8-12 months) from various European countries
  • Support of organisations and informal groups for the establishment of non-governmental organisations and the implementation of actions, Establishment of the Prespa-Ohrid NGO Network
  • Promotion of the programme actions "Youth in Action"
  • Implementation of more than 50 workshops from 2000 until today
  • Organisation of concerts and exhibitions from 2001 until today
  • Initiative and establishment of the the Ecotourism Company of Prespa (August 2009)
  • Establishment of a lending library and a centre for creativity from 2000 to 2008
  • Establishment of the "Youth Club" in Lemos from 2004 until 2011 (Internet café, events, concerts, photo/painting/handcraft  exhibitions, workshops, information for the local community through an internal network on subjects such as relationships, sexual and physical health, violence, dependencies, work, enviroment and printed information material)
  • The "CTP Box" travels in every village in Prespa from 2002
  • Operation of an information desk for visitors and promotion of local and touristic products from 2002 until today
  • Publication of information material and a book on the red pepper

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