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The Cultural Triangle of Prespa is for more than 11 years now a reference point for the youth mainly from European countries, through the Youth Exchange, the welcoming of long-term European Volunteers, the sending of Greek Volunteers, as well as the organisation of actions for the non-formal education of children and youth and the development of cooperation with bodies in the neighbouring countries, namely Albania and FYR Macedonia.

During the last 5 years we also take actions that contribute to the development of tourism in the wider area of Prespa (local, transboundary, regional level) and the actions for the promotion of the area and the reinforcement of entrepreneurship.

In June 2011 we inaugurated in Lemos a multiplex centre, which is housed in the premises of the old communal library and works as a lending library with free use of computers and wireless internet (WIFI),  as well as an information point for visitors and tourists with rich audiovisual and printed material. The centre is also hosting workshops and actions of non-typical education, organises events, meetings and seminars in cooperation with the Municipality of Prespa.

Since then the following actions took and still take place:

  • Launching of a project for the collection, documentation and promotion of folklore artefacts in Greek Prespa (2012)
  • Launching of a cross-border tourism project ‘Biotourism’ in the context of Interreg IVC
  • 9th International Youth Exchange with the title ‘Youth! Act against Poverty!’ with the participation of 40 young people from 8 countries
  • Celebrations of the International Days of Poetry, Children Books and Books 
  • French cinema week, in cooperation with the French Institute of Thessaloniki 
  • "Millenium Development Goals" : an 8-month programme (October-May) to raise awareness, information and cooperation 
  • Visits in schools
  • Cooperation with the School of Arts of Florina in the context of an internship programme with subject the development of tourism in Prespa
  • Cultural evening events of Spain, Italy and Portugal, Poland, France 

Our goal is to make this place work as a meeting, education and awareness point for the locals, the foreign volunteers and the visitors and tourists. The library will be enhanced with books on general environmental and cultural topics, researches and publications on the area in order to attract students, scientists and other interested parties.

The main objective of the cluster of our actions is the improvement of the social consciousness of the people in our society and their active participation. The daily (Monday-Sunday) actions of non-formal education, the contact with volunteers from all over Europe and the cooperation on a regional level of bodies, youth and tourism stakeholders decreases the sense of isolation while increases the self-esteem and respect towards our community. The cooperation with the neighbouring countries shows that the borders can actually be simply "the door" to another area instead of a boundary line.

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