The red pepper


red_pepperThe red pepper and its use in the region of Prespes was the subject of the programme "The Red Pepper", which was realised by the Cultural Triangle of Prespes within the three shores of Lake Prespes with the financial support of GTZ.

In the context of this programme, which ran from August 2003 to July 2004, C.T.P. collaborated with the non-governmental organisations FOKUS in F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Ampep in Albania as well as with schools in the three border regions. The initial objective was to record the ways of cooking and ways of conservation of the pepper.

The results of this investigation along with recipes, photographs by the Greek photographer Paris Petridis and other elements related to the pepper, which is a characteristic feature of the cross-border region of Prespes, are to be included in a book. The book is published in four languages, which we aim to make pioneering and original. The intention is to attract national and international attention to our region and its unique qualities, and after the programme to have something that can be a point of information and interconnection with cultural activity, tourism and community development. (Sponsor of the publication: Hyundai Ellas)



book_red peppers


During this project, students of the secondary schools of Laimos, Liquenas, Gorica and Resen (Greece, Albania and F.Y.R. of Macedonia), with the help of their teachers, interviewed their mothers and grandmothers, collected and processed information and presented the results of their research. Thanks to this project, childrens were coming into contact with elements of their tradition, and realise the parallel nature of the lives of the border residents.

Another important activity of the programme was the series of workshops in all the region of Prespes, which produced paintings and other art works related to the pepper and used Internet research to discover other areas of the world where the red pepper is used. At the same time we prepared a series of broadcasts for local radio in which the children presented their activities. These activities gave a basis for successful interaction with the media, consolidating communication and collaboration with them.

Finally, the children’s efforts were presented in the “Red Pepper Festival” that happened on 11th-13th June at a camp on the shores of lake Prespa. At the event here were 150 children from the shores of Lake Prespa who had collaborated in the project. Through creative activities, workshops, sports and games on the lakeshore they had the chance to meet each other and have fun together. on the last night they participated in the preparation of a big buffet with traditional pepper dishes, which they served to their invited guests. They presented the results of the workshops in an exhibition and enjoyed a party.

Sponsors of the event:

Prefecture of Florina
The Local Union of Municipalities and Communities Florina
Chamber of Commerce Florina
Money FM
Libero FM
Ice-cream Kri Kri
Supermarkets Vero

The above activities had cause to be included as an additional activity in the programme “Environmental education, Florina”. The action was realised by the high school of Laimos and included a figurative workshop and exhibition, visits to red pepper plant nurseries, a showing of the film “Political Kitchen”, a red pepper fete and two environmental activities in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Prespa. The recording of the red pepper recipes, which was the initial idea and initiative of C.T.P., was also the basis of this programme.

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