GGCS in Thessaloniki


Buga050612AlphornblserDrauenThe Greek German Civil Society Initiative is inviting to an Alpic Event on Sunday 14/3 at 2 p.m. at Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki
One very particular music group, the Schlechinger Hornbläser, from Schleching, German Alps, will travel us along the music pathways of the wind making it's way along «the horn of wind», a gigantic instrument almost two meters long!The Schlechringer Alphornblaeser's started back in1969 and are now famous in many countries (youtube: „Schlechinger Alphornbläser"). 

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Workshop in Lehovo


Lehovo_Pic An article by Dita Kuģeniece, EVS volunteer

During the weekend Gabriela and the EVS volunteers Dita, Sissy, Daniel and Pedro went to Lehovo to coordinate an informative seminar for the local tourism develoment and the Youth in Action programm. The event was organized by Unitarian Society Lechoviton and supported by the Regional office of Western Macedonia in the context of the the Greek-German Civil Society Initiative (

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Traditional artefacts


An article by Dita Kuģeniece, EVS volunteer

During the last five months, five young and enthusiastic people from Prespa, Florina, Kastoria and Drama, joined the team of the organisation Cultural Traingle of Prespes in order to participate in the project with the title „Active Culture in Prespes” . 


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Biotourism on facebook


CTP is the local partner for the BIOTOURISM project in the context of the IPA Cross/Border Programme Greece Albania 2007/2013.
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