Biotourism in Prespa and Korçë

Prespa and Korçë develop a commontourism product for regional growth

The cross border region between Greece andAlbania is a rare cradle of natural and cultural beauty.Lofty, forested mountains rise above a basin framing twocrystalline lakes, Great and Small Prespa, shared by Greece and Albania. 
Sharing common cross border resources involvescooperation and common management practices toensure social and economic benefits for localstakeholders, while minimizing environmental damages. Sustainable economic development must be promotedwith the intention of increasing cooperation in commonbusiness initiatives for the support of the localcommunities of Prespa in Greece and Korçë in Albania.

Περισσότερα: Biotourism in Prespa and Korçë


Biotourism improves the rural economy

Prespa lakes: a common heritage and new prospects for development

Prespa and Korçë are neighboring regions along a semi alpine basin systemfeaturing two major lakes (Great and Small Prespa), rivers, mountains, valleys,villages and towns. A number of protected areas are scattered across themountain sides, including an important wetland around Lake Small Prespa.Endangered endemic species are found throughout these habitats. The culturalfeatures of the area are similarly rare and enchanting.

Περισσότερα: Biotourism improves the rural economy


Biotourism as a vehicle for building a better future


Innovative tourism services for regional growth and environmental protection

Prespa & Korçë 2013: In an age of accelerating globalization, tourism is one of the fastest developing industries worldwide. Untapped destinations are of particular interest to the growing tourist demographics, and the providers and stakeholders of this business. This is where Biotourism comes in. In an effort to avoid the
blunders of mass tourism where profit-led, and often foreign-owned, tourism providers run rampant in pristine areas destroying the very attractions that brought travelers in the first place, Biotourism generates a wholesome tourism system which ensures the preservation and enrichment of local lives and livelihoods. It weaves itself into the local ecosystem, local traditions and cultural roots, and creates fun and productive relationships between
travelers and destinations.

Περισσότερα: Biotourism as a vehicle for building a better future



We are pleased to invite you to the international conference "Innovative Practices of Biotourism in Prespa - New Dimensions of Development". The event will be held in the conference hall of Pyli in Prespa, on 5-6 of October 2013.
Saturday, October 5, at 17.00: Inauguration of the exhibition from the Collection of Panagiotis Koliomichalis, the opening of the conference and reception.
Sunday, October 6, 10.00-18.30 Conference



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