Collecting fossils in Vrondero

Vrondero is a mountainous village in the Florina prefecture. It is located almost on the Greek-Albanian borders, overlooking the lake Mikri Prespa. There, a significant fossil collection is hosted. In the next room of the same building, there is also a collection of stamps, coins, shares and commemorative medals, as well as findings from the field hospital of the Democratic Army - the Kokkalis cave.

Περισσότερα: Collecting fossils in Vrondero


The house of Captain Kottas

One of the most important parts of the Greek history is that of the Macedonian struggle, an armed conflict among Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs and Turks, and even Romanians which broke out at the beginning of the 20th century, lasted almost four years (1904-1908) and took place in Macedonia. The conflict initially broke out in the Kastoria region (in the late 19th century) and by the end of it, it had spilled over the whole region of today's Macedonia up to the regions of Monastirion, Gevgeli, Doirani, etc. Each rival aimed at intimidating or eliminating the adversary and associating the adversary's population to the Bulgarian Exarchate or the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Bulgarian or Greek consciousness, respectively. This action evolved rapidly into a mutual extermination of the adversary armed forces.

Περισσότερα: The house of Captain Kottas


The red pepper


red_pepperThe red pepper and its use in the region of Prespes was the subject of the programme "The Red Pepper", which was realised by the Cultural Triangle of Prespes within the three shores of Lake Prespes with the financial support of GTZ.

In the context of this programme, which ran from August 2003 to July 2004, C.T.P. collaborated with the non-governmental organisations FOKUS in F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Ampep in Albania as well as with schools in the three border regions. The initial objective was to record the ways of cooking and ways of conservation of the pepper.

Περισσότερα: The red pepper

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